School Social Work

  • Westside Community Schools employs social workers who collaborate to provide service and develop relationships with students, families, schools and the entire Westside community. School social workers help enhance communication between schools and homes, identify needs or obstacles affecting a student's school performance, build on existing strengths within the family, locate formal and informal supports to assist families in need, and support families in crisis. Social workers’ school partnerships allow them to establish mentoring relationships with students, attend 504, MDT, and IEP meetings for students with disabilities, and provide in-home, carryover support for the implementation of behavioral strategies. School social workers also have a unique and beneficial connection to the Westside community, which allows them to operate a District food pantry, a District clothing closet, facilitate communication between school and medical, mental health and social services providers, and provide access for families to community services.

    For more information on how to access the Westside Food Pantry or the Westside Clothing Closet, please email Director of Student Services Robert Aranda at