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April 15, 2021 | Tips from the WMS Techs

Hardshell case:
Students should not be taking off the hardshell protective case. Doing so increases the chance of breaking the tabs along the edge that hold the case on. It is a school expectation and a requirement of the computer loan agreement that students leave the case on the computer at all times and that they only use the case that was provided by the school. All students were provided a case. If their case does not stay on the computer they can come to tech support and we will use some commercial-grade clear packing tape to hold the case on for the remainder of the school year. In the event that a case has been cracked or lost, replacement cases are $50. If you see a student without their case, ask them where it is. If they have the case, ask them to put it on the computer as soon as possible. If you see them again without the case, or they say they no longer have it, then please report them to a member of the WMS tech team. We will put a new case on their computer and add a $50 fine in PowerSchool.
School-appropriate stickers are allowed to be put on the outside of the hardshell case. They are not allowed to be put on the computer itself.
Drawing on computers:
Is not permitted. If they've drawn on their computer they can come to tech support and ask us to clean it off. Otherwise, they can clean it off themselves at the end of the school year when they receive the proper cleaning instructions and supplies in their business or health class. Cleaning a computer incorrectly can cause expensive liquid damage. There may be a $20 cleaning fee if they check in their computer at the end of the year and we see drawing/markings on it. Due to the pandemic, we do not have enough of the proper cleaning supplies to make them available beyond the end-of-year cleaning that will be done in their business and health classes.