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April 14, 2021 | WMS Artist Spotlight

Scarlet Slanec, 8th grade student


I started drawing around six years ago. When I started I always thought I was the best, that my art was above everyone else’s. Now looking back, I was a real pretentious seven-year-old, but continuing to practice humbled me in a way. Art is subjective, but it’s an objective fact that no one’s art is better than another. This is all to stay, there is no scale. I may be one of the artists of the month, but that does not give my drawings any more value than my peers or anyone else. The reason I continue to draw is to improve my skills, but most importantly, express myself. Something about drawing anime girls with big smiles on their faces makes me feel nice, despite what others may think about my talent or reasoning. To continue to draw for me is just a pastime that makes me who I am.


Mary Klemmensen, 8th grade student


When I was younger at preschool after nap time every day I used to draw starting my passion for art.  I love art because it is a way to express my individuality and to be vulnerable in a way like no other, Art can make you feel so many different emotions that's why I love it so much. Whenever I do art I feel accomplished. There is something about art that makes it so wonderful, the fact that art isn’t perfect, but the mistakes that make it beautiful makes it something I love.