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Pandas Unveil Book Vending Machine

Annette Volberding saw the book vending machine installed last year at Westgate Elementary and decided Paddock Road could use one as well.


Ribbon Cutting CeremonyOn Wednesday, her granddaughter Ava cut the ribbon on the Pandas’ vending machine. Ava Waggoner said, “Reading sometimes isn’t very fun for some kids, but getting a book from a vending machine is exciting and can encourage more reading.”


That’s exactly what Paddock Road Principal Quinn McGuire says is happening at her school. Teachers always look for innovative ways to encourage reading and a vending machine grabs their attention.


Principal Quinn McGuire said, “It’s something we’ve wanted for a long time and we’re so happy the Volberding family decided to make this donation to Paddock Road Elementary.”


Bright, flashing lights attract attention, the Good Behavior coins 'buy' the books, but for students like 6th grader Rivers Derisson, it’s the books themselves that are the draw. Rivers says, “It’s cool to see all the books in different categories and series and be able to push a button to get one.”


The Volberding family watches a student select a bookAnnette Volberding says she hopes others see the students’ reactions and decide to donate book vending machines to other District 66 schools.