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September 21, 2020 | District Celebrates Alum, New Entrance At Westside High

Updated September 23, 2020

New school entrance ensures safety, honors Westside graduate and educators

 Leaders with Westside Community Schools will officially dedicate the new entrance to Westside High School later this month, made possible by a District 66 alum and noted philanthropist.

Front entrance at WHS, Persaud

Robert B. Sturm attended the ceremony on September 21 at 2:00pm at Westside High School, seeing for the first time the new secured vestibules and entryway that bear his name. Sturm attended Westside Schools throughout his childhood, including Westside High School, while facing the challenges associated with a learning disability and Asperger’s Syndrome, neither of which were properly diagnosed. Sturm remembers the Westside mentors who ensured he had positive experiences in school, including one of his teachers, LaNeta Carlock, and his principal (and later Superintendent), Dr. Jim Tangdall.

Ribbon Cutting at WHS, Persaud

“LaNeta Carlock was a good teacher, and like my second mother,” said Sturm. “I want to protect teachers, children and parents. “I’m giving back to what was given to me at Westside.”

The new entrance requires all guests and visitors to enter through multiple, locked doors before being permitted into the building. This area also contains information specific to COVID-19, and safety requirements at Westside Community Schools.

“This helps us to maintain a safe environment for our students and staff now and in the future,” said Westside Principal Jay Opperman. “The community support we continue to receive from alumni like Mr. Sturm is invaluable to enhance everything we offer at Westside.”



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