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September 22, 2020 | COVID Update for Oakdale Families

Message emailed to all Oakdale staff and families, September 22, 2020.

We have been notified that a child attending the Oakdale Early Childhood Center has tested positive for COVID-19. This child was last at the Oakdale ECC on Wednesday, September 16, and received a positive test today, September 22. 

Based on advice from the Douglas County Health Department, some Oakdale ECC staff and students will be advised to quarantine due to close proximity to one another. Please note: risk to Oakdale Elementary students and staff is minimal as ECC students and staff are in a separate part of the building, had limited contact with Oakdale students/staff in the time frame of exposure, and Oakdale students/staff wear masks. These checks are based on guidelines provided directly by Douglas County Health.

As a reminder, all students and staff are required to wear masks at all times in our buildings, and are expected to follow social distancing guidelines. Please screen for COVID-19 symptoms before sending your child to school, using the free Westside Household Screener: 

We also encourage you to review the following resources provided by public health experts:

Thank you for your ongoing engagement and support to keep our school district running as safely as possible.


Westside Community Schools