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December 21, 2021 | Contract Meal Services Team Awarded Westside Royalty Cup

Posted December 21, 2021

CONGRATULATIONS to the Westside Contract Meal Services Team, awarded the Westside Royalty Cup for November! This award is intended to recognize a person, team or department for their hard work to make others, including district families, feel like royalty.
The Westside Contract Meal Services team works to ensure thousands of children throughout Westside Community Schools and our city are fed each day. This year, that work has been particularly challenging, with staffing shortages mirroring other industries. These staff members have each taken on added responsibilities to ensure children continue to be fed, no matter the circumstances behind the scenes.
Krueger Awarded Westside Royalty Cup
CONGRATULATIONS, WESTSIDE CONTRACT MEAL SERVICES!!! To celebrate their hard work, this team was treated to a pizza lunch thanks to a generous community sponsor!
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