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May 25, 2022 | Trauma Resource for Parents & Families

Posted May 25, 2022

Good morning, Westside families,

Many of you have likely seen news coverage of the tragedy unfolding in Texas involving another school shooting. We are heartbroken for these families and this school district.

Today, our students may have questions about what happened, and they may be expressing fears and concerns. We want to share the attached resource with you to help support your children, taken from the National Association for School Psychology.

Please know we are constantly reviewing our safety and security measures, and have ongoing discussions with our School Resource Officers on best practices. Even with just a few days to go, please feel free to reach out to your principal, your school counselor or any administrator, if you or your child want or need additional support or have any questions. You can always email

Westside Community Schools


Helping students cope with trauma, NASP