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September 7, 2022 | Safety Protocols, Home Varsity Football Games

Posted September 7, 2022

We love seeing our youngest learners attend and support our Westside student athletes at Varsity events. However, with thousands of fans on hand and a few ‘near misses’ at games last year, we want to do everything we can to ensure our fans of all ages have a great time and stay safe at Friday night football games this upcoming season.


Please read below if your family plans to attend varsity football games this fall.

  • Elementary school students must sit with their families or chaperones in the bleachers at games this year.

    • Children will not be permitted to run around unsupervised, play football, jump off retaining walls, play tag near large crowds, etc.

  • Middle school students will continue to sit in bleachers in the south end zone area.

  • High school students will continue to sit in the student section of the east bleachers.


Again, we love seeing students from all of our schools attend these games. By requiring all attendees to sit in the bleachers unless they are going to/from the bathrooms and concessions area, we help assure a safer place for people of all ages to move around when needed and enjoy the game. If your child is left unattended and violating these guidelines, we will call you and ask that you come pick up your child from the game. We appreciate your support and understanding.