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Vote for Underwood Hills' New Mascot!

Underwood Hills Families,

We are excited to bring a new mascot to our school. We need your help!

Below is a link to a survey to vote for your favorite mascot. These mascots have been carefully designed with our school in mind. You'll find these mascots are animals that:

  • travel in packs or herds, reminding us of our great community at Underwood Hills
  • are altruistic and care for all in their pack, just like we do!
  • care for their young
  • work together for the greater good of the group

In the survey you'll see the mock-up of the new mascot. These are not final, but very close to what the mascot will be. 

We are excited about this new opportunity for Underwood Hills to build stronger community and school belonging. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Communications Department at

This survey will be open all week, closing on Friday, October 13 at noon.