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December 11, 2020 | District To Remain In 'Yellow' Mode Through January 15

Posted December 11, 2020

The following message is from Superintendent Dr. Mike Lucas.

Thank you for all you’ve done, and continue to do, as we plod forward together during these uncertain times. 

The primary reason for our transition to YELLOW for November 30th – December 18th was the impact that quarantines were having on our ability to adequately staff our buildings and departments.  Other factors we continue to analyze are the number of confirmed cases throughout our school district, what the contact tracing shows us about those cases, and the rate of spread throughout our community.  Below is an update of total confirmed cases throughout our school district the past few weeks.

November 23rd – 29th

  • 10 student cases
  • 9 staff cases

November 30th – December 6th (week after Thanksgiving Break)

  • 37 student cases
  • 6 staff cases

December 7th – December 11th (partial week)

  • 21 student cases as of this morning, December 11th
  • 3 staff cases as of this morning, December 11th  

As we look ahead to January, we will begin the first two weeks of 2nd semester in YELLOW as we want to get past the “holiday exposures” that we have been told can likely lead to more spread of confirmed cases.  We actually saw that firsthand last week as we returned from Thanksgiving with a total of 43 cases.  We feel that keeping our buildings de-densified the first two weeks of January buys us some time to see what our confirmed cases and quarantines do coming out of holiday break.

·      Monday, January 4th is a TEACHER WORKDAY (NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS)

·      Tuesday, January 5th and Wednesday, January 6th will be YELLOW days with last names A-K physically in school

o   Wednesday, January 6th would be a FULL day of school for A-K– NO early dismissal

·      Thursday, January 7th and Friday, January 8th will be YELLOW days with last names L-Z physically in school

The week of January 11th though January 15th will be a traditional YELLOW week with A-K attending on Monday and Tuesday and L-Z on Thursday and Friday.

Unless we are unable to adequately staff our buildings and departments or see an increased number of confirmed cases within a specific building or district-wide, it is our intent to return to 5-Day GREEN on Tuesday, January 19th as January 18th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day with NO SCHOOL for students.

Please note that as we get into January and beyond, it is possible that one building might be in a different attendance mode than others.  For example, WHS might be in YELLOW while the rest of the district is in GREEN.  We will continue to analyze building-wide and district-wide data as we move forward.

We believe schools are a safe place for our students and staff due to all of the safety protocols we have in place.  We will continue to remain very vigilant with our COVID-19 procedures and ask that our families and community do, as well, over the holiday break and into 2021. 


Click here to view the Westside calendar for January. 


Best Wishes,

Mike Lucas 

Westside Community Schools
(402) 390-2100