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January 8, 2021 | ACT, Pre-ACT Set for March 23

The spring semester of the junior year is a great time for junior students to consider taking the ACT test. All juniors take a required ACT test during the spring of junior year for state accountability purposes. The result of this test can be used for college entrance purposes.

All Junior ACT and Sophomore Pre-ACT

March 23, 2021, all 11th grade students will take the ACT test. This will be the subject area tests and writing. Tenth grade students will take the Pre-ACT test. Ninth and 12th grade students will not have school on March 23. This test administration is paid for by the state of Nebraska and all juniors are required to take this test.

Juniors should watch for more information early in the second semester regarding an opportunity to participate in an ACT test preparation course from 3 Moms and a Test paid for by Westside Community Schools.