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April 23, 2021 | Technology Information For Seniors

The following information was sent to all Westside High School seniors on April 22, 2021. If you did not receive this email, please contact Principal Jay Opperman at


1. LAPTOP SALES. Many of you have asked about laptop sales. Unfortunately, students (and staff) will not be able to purchase their own individual devices. In part, this is due to our need for devices to be used in our expanded summer school programs.  Purchases will need to be made from the large inventory of reset, updated, and cleaned devices that will be offered for sale.  Details regarding the sale of devices are in development.  All information about sales will be found on the 2021 Sale of Westside Technology Devices web page located here: Computer Sale Information  The WHS Tech Support staff has no additional information. 
2. LAPTOP CHECK-IN. We will be checking in your laptops on Friday, May 7th from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  Check-in will take place at the Tech Office.
BACK UP any laptop data you need to a flash drive or a personal (not Westside) Google account.  Laptops will be wiped(all the data on your device will be irretrievably be erased) and set up for summer school use immediately after they are turned in.
EXPORT any online data from Westside provided services using Google Takeout (for Google) and Adobe Graduation (for Adobe Cloud).  Google Takeout instructions are attached below.  Google Takeout and Adobe Graduation Do this before June 10th, 2021. After June 10th your account will be removed and your data will no longer be available to you.
GATHER your laptop stuff to be ready to turn in.
Case top and bottom
Correct Apple-branded laptop charger
NOTE. When the process for laptop turn-in is announced, you will NEED to turn in your Westside laptop, your STM Case, and the official apple charger that goes with the laptop. A missing case is a $50 fee and a missing/off-brand charger is also a $50 fee that will be charged to your account. Fees for damage or missing parts must be paid prior to graduation. 
Questions? Please email WHS/West Campus IT Manager Michael Sanchez at