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The deadline to register for dual enrollment with UNO is February 23, 2024. The WHS courses eligible for dual enrollment for this semester are listed below:


WHS Course: US History AP - UNO Course Name - American History since 1865 (HIST 1120) with Mr. Bramley or Mr. Brousek


WHS course: Biology AP - UNO Course Name - Biology 2 (BIOL 1750) with Mr. Caffey


WHS course: AP Computer Science Principles - UNO Course Name - Computer Science Principles (CDSI 1200) with Mr. Stejskal


WHS Course: AP Human Geography - UNO Course Name - Intro to Human Geography (GEOG 1020) with Mr. Fey


WHS Course: Sociology Honors - UNO Course Name - Intro to Sociology (SOC 1010) with Mr. Nemecek


WHS Course: Physics AP C - UNO Course Name - Gen. Physics 11 - Calculus (PHYS 2120) with Mrs. Stucky


WHS Course: Calculus AB AP - UNO Course Name - Calculus 1 AB (Math 1950) with Miss Kleinsasser


WHS Course: Intro to Special Education - UNO Course Name - Intro to Special Education (SPED 1500) with Mrs. Filipi


WHS Course: Physics AP 1 - UNO Course Name - General Physics 1 w/ Algebra - (PHYS 1110) with Mr. Powers or Mrs. Jernigan


WHS Course: Physics AP 1 - UNO Course Name - General Physics Lab (PHYS 1120) with Mr. Powers or Mrs. Jernigan


WHS Course: AP Spanish 5 - UNO Course Name - Intermediate Spanish 2 - (SPAN 2120) with Miss Paskach


WHS Course: Education and Training Practicum - UNO Course Name - Intro to Education - (TED 1010) with Mrs. Sullivan


WHS Course: AP Physics 2 - UNO Course Name - Gen. Physics - (PHYS 1120) with Mr. Powers 


WHS Course: Latin 4 AP - UNO Course Name - Intermediate Latin 2 - (LATIN 2120) with Mrs. Harvey


WHS Course: American Government AP- UNO Course Name - Intro to American Nat'l Gov't - (PSCI 1100) with Mr. Priester


Applications can be submitted at: by Friday, February 23, 2024. Once the application is submitted, an email will be sent to a parent/guardian's email for approval of the application. The approval must also be completed by Friday, February 23, 2024 by 11:59 p.m. in order for the student to be dual enrolled.


For more information, please refer to the UNO Westside High School Dual Enrollment page at: UNO Dual Enrollment