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March 30, 2022 | Underwood Hills Staff Honored With Westside Royalty Cup

Posted March 31, 2022

CONGRATULATIONS to the Underwood Hills Special Education Team winners of the Westside Royalty Cup! This award, given monthly to a staff member or team with Westside Community Schools, honors someone who has gone above and beyond to make our families and coworkers 'feel like royalty'.

The Underwood Hills Early Learning Center serves children ages 3-5 before they are eligible to attend Kindergarten. Many of the learners here receive special services, and are supported by dedicated and talented professionals helping them grow and thrive before they transition to elementary school.

Underwood Hills Special Education Team receives Westside Royalty Cup

Wednesday, March 30, Assistant Superintendents Dr. Mark Weichel and Dr. Andrea Haynes, Special Services Director Dr. Kami Jessop and Board of Education President Doug Krenzer, all surprised the Underwood Hills team with this honor. They will also receive a celebration of their choice to recognize the team spirit and culture at their building.