Before and After School Activities at Rockbrook

  • Rockbrook offers students a variety of before and after school activities.  These activities fall into two main categories, School Sponsored and Community Club Sponsored.  Please see further information below.

    Note: Most sports activities are not sponsored by the schools at the Elementary level.  These activities are often available through private clubs and organizations that may use the names and mascots of our schools as well as reserve spaces on campus.  Specific school activities are listed below.

    School Sponsored Activities:
    School-sponsored activities are led or supervised by Rockbrook Staff.  These might include clubs, activity groups, or opportunities for students.

    • Championship Martial Arts
      A two-week introductory session students can enroll in to learn about the basics of martial arts led by the staff from Championship Martial Arts
      Supervisor(s): Dr. Higginbotham
    • Chess Club (currently inactive)
      Students learn the basics of playing chess.
      Supervisor(s): Previously parent-led.  If you are interested in sponsoring this opportunity please contact Dr. Higginbotham
    • Garden Club
      Students learn to plant and grow edible and pollinator plants in the school's garden and outdoor classroom spaces
      Supervisor(s): Mrs. Raphael (currently seeking additional volunteers and sponsors)
    • K-2 Robotics Club
      Students learn about the basics of programming, operating, and solving problems using robots.
      Supervisor(s): Mr. Carlson
    • Running Club
      Students learn the basics of and prepare for long-distance running.
      Supervisor(s): Ms. Akers & Ms. Klein
    • Student Council
      The Rockbrook Student Council works to provide opportunities for students to give back to the school and community.  This include raising awareness for causes, helping with holiday assistance purchases for families in needed, and supporting a variety of efforts and events at the school and in the district.
      Supervisors: Mrs. Rice

    Community Club Sponsored Activities
    The Rockbrook Community Club also sponsors a variety of opportunities for kids at our school.  These events are led by parents, families, and program providers beyond school staff.

    • Bulldogs Give Back
      This program encourages students to give back to the school and broader community through projects of care and kindness for others (ex. the group has produced holiday wreathes for those unable to be at home during the winter holidays and produced bracelets to show all staff they are recognized and appreciated during Staff Appreciation week.
    • Foreign Language Clubs
      Both in partnership with WHS Language Honor Societies and through a private instructor, the Rockbrook Community Club provides opportunities for learning about other languages and cultures.
    • Parents Night Out
      Partnering with the WHS Educators Rising Group, child care is provided at the school to allow families to connect socially as part of Rockbrook Community Club events for adults.