• What is WE-SIDE?

    Westside Community Schools launched the WE-SIDE initiative in the summer of 2020. WE-SIDE stands for Welcoming Equity Support Inclusion Dignity Everyone. In light of recent events, we began talking to employees throughout our district to discuss race relations and what Westside can do to better support our black students and staff during what has been a difficult and divisive time. We want to make our black students and staff, and all students and staff, feel welcomed and valued throughout our district.  We want to focus on things that bring us TOGETHER and not force us apart with labels and unknowns. 

    We welcome students, staff, parents, and community members to join different groups of this community council. We are living in a very divided and political climate where almost anything anyone says or does is often attacked.  We simply want to come together and work on support and inclusion for ALL of our staff members and students, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, etc.  

    Cultural responsiveness is here to stay as a district goal and we will help lead the way in a responsible, accountable, and results-oriented fashion that is accepting of all. 

    Thank you to all for your continued engagement and support!

    For more information on the WE-Side Community Council and how you can get involved, email Molly Hurley at hurley.molly@westside66.net.

Westside students