• Welcome to Westside!

    Westside Community Schools is a public school district in Omaha, Nebraska focused on innovation, community and excellence. Proudly serving an estimated 6,200 students, with approximately 1,100 dedicated employees, we have a lot to celebrate as a result of our talented staff and unparalleled community support. Having served students and families for over a quarter of a century, we are proud of our decorated and successful past, and are always building for the future!


    There are many aspects of our district we continue to focus on and are proud to see growth in. We have a diverse student body, mirroring that of the city of Omaha itself, and we are proud to serve with a mission of "belonging for all."  We continue to focus on strategies and proven educational philosophies and needs of our students and families when approaching state and national assessments; we are proud of our amazing, robust curriculum evolving with a changing society and the needs and desires of our students. Our Board of Education continues to work hard to maximize our budget to meet the needs of our students and staff, best utilizing every taxpayer dollar entrusted to us. As you browse our website(s), you will see many awards, championships, and accomplishments to celebrate. 


    We are always going to be an organization that is pushing forward through our Strategic Plan to get better in all areas. (Click here to learn more!)  We are working to address our next set of facility needs as we move into Phase 2 of our Master Facilities Plan. We are working to retain and recruit high-quality staff who make a difference each day in the lives of our students and families. It's an exciting time to be part of Westside Community Schools. We thank you for your support and for sharing your children with us, your consideration of joining our team, or simply visiting our website to learn more about the wonderful things going on in District 66.  There's no better place to be than Westside!


    Dr. Mike Lucas