• Here are important reminders and updates on how we make decisions about whether to have school on inclement weather days. If you are a Westside Community Schools staff member, click here.

    • We take these decisions very seriously and try to make the decision and announcement as early as we can to help families plan. Sometimes, we feel it is best to wait until early morning to make a decision as storms sometimes move in and change overnight. We hope to always make announcements by 5:30 AM after we have driven roads, checked side streets, received updated forecasts, etc.
    • Please understand that every family’s circumstances are different….whether children have to walk to school or not, have to wait at a bus stop, can carpool with others, can get a ride from grandma, etc. If you disagree with our decision to have school on a questionable day, please remember that you can always elect to keep your child(ren) home that day.

    SNOW DAYS will be traditional snow days. We will not have extended campus learning on snow days. 

    COLD DAYS are days in which we cancel school due to extreme cold/wind chill, when we are placed in a Windchill WARNING. We will likely have school when we are placed in a Windchill Advisory, as it is not as severe as a Wind Chill Warning. We will factor in how long the sustained and consistent windchill warning is in effect, existing snow/ice on roads, etc.

    2-HOUR LATE STARTS may be utilized from time to time but not something we plan to use often. It might come in handy the day after a snow day where we received lots of snow and might need additional time to clean parking lots, allow teenage drivers some extra time and sunlight to get to school, etc. Everything just backs up 2-hours; buses would run accordingly. If your child usually gets picked up at their bus stop at 7:20 AM on a regular day, they would get picked up at 9:20 AM on a 2-hour late start day. Please click the option labeled '2-Hour Late Starts' in the menu to the left for complete details.

    Again, we remind you that if we decide to have school on a day that you feel is too dangerous, please do what you think is best for your child(ren) and keep them home. We will do our best to make timely and efficient decisions.