• 2022-2023 Clubs

    Book Club Sponsor: Mrs. Saetveit

    Calling all readers! If you love books - checking out books, reading books, collecting books, discussing books- then the WMS Book Club is for you. Join us twice a month for virtual meetings to read and enjoy great discussions about some of our favorite books. Students will work in small groups to select ebooks to read, set their own reading assignments, and develop questions about the books to discuss with the group. 


    Podcast Club Sponsor:  Mr. Horton

    Students will write, produce, record, and post podcasts.


    KPop Club Sponsor:  Ms. Swanigan

    Do you love KPop music? Do you want to meet new people with similar interests? Maybe you just want to learn about new cultures!


    GSA Sponsors: Mr. Hauserman and Mrs. Neuzil

    GSA is a club focused on providing a safe space for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The club plans activities to promote a school environment that is safe and accepting for all students. The clubs also engages in educational activities related to gender identity and sexual orientation.


    Word Warriors (Formerly LTAB) Sponsor: Mr. Horton

    Spoken-Word Poetry Club is a place where poets, rappers, and lyricists can hone their craft with other artists in a supportive and nurturing environment. Students can find their voice through reading, writing, and performing poetry. Students will achieve this by having the opportunity to take a writing workshop focused on poetry and featuring an artist in residence provided by the Nebraska Writers Collective. Students will have the opportunity to participate in various poetry readings and competitions. 


    Recycling Club Sponsor: Mrs. Limbach

    If you want to help save the planet and lessen our impact on the environment, join the recycling club. We will go around to the classrooms and offices in WMS and collect recyclables to take to a recycling drop off.


    WMS Disc Golf Sponsor:  Mr. Peterson

    Disc golf is a great way to get outside and be active while also having a lot of fun. Discover and develop the skill and joy that comes from a great throw.


    Student Council Sponsors: Ms. Allen and Mrs. Butler

    WMS Student Council plans and organizes events for middle school students.  It helps to build character, leadership, decision making, organization skills and responsibility. Student council members will help raise student and staff spirit! They will have the opportunity to help create and execute homeroom challenges, school-wide spirit days, design t-shirts, etc. They are also a part of homecoming spirit week, fundraisers for causes of their choice, and other school-wide activities. 


    WMS Anime Club Sponsor: Mr. Zyla 

    Do you like anime? Do you read manga? Do you live for ramen? Do you run like a ninja with your arms stretched out behind you? Have you already drawn 16 anime characters with your new Apple Pencil? Do you like clubs? Do you like trivia? Do you enjoy the company of other people? If you answered YES to any one of these questions, then JOIN ANIME CLUB!


    Cribbage and Chess Club Sponsor: Dr. Spady

    Do you like to play cribbage and/or chess? Do you want to improve your skills at either game by playing other people who like to play? Players of all skill level are welcome to join the WMS Cribbage and Chess Club.


    German Film Club Sponsor:  Mrs. Limbach

    We will explore and learn about German history, culture, and language through movies and shows.


    Cycling Club Sponsor:  Mr. Durante

    The club will spend some time going over some simple bike maintenance, then get you on the road.  The plan is to have several group rides in the area over the year.


    Jr. International Thespian Society Sponsor: Mrs. Sherrill

    Is a student honor society that focuses on theatre arts. Members earn points to be officially inducted into the troupe, but all students are welcome to participate in meetings and workshops. Jr. ITS is a stepping stone to high school ITS troupe and participation in theatre outside of WMS.


    WMS Tree Huggers Sponsor: Mr. Peterson

    The WMS Tree Huggers are all about learning how to help our environment through education and action. We do planting and clean-up projects around campus, and educate students about ways they can be environmentally conscious.


    DND Club Sponsor: Ms. Lieske

    Attention Join the DND Club! Dungeons, dragons, and tabletop role-players can all be found in the DND club! Spells and potions, dice and mana, everything you can think of! Meetings will be held every Tuesday from 3:15 to 4:00 in the Counselor's office. We hope to see you...A Life Changing Journey Awaits!


    Spanish Club Sponsor: Mrs. Schulz

    Do you love film, arts and crafts, and want to learn more about Spanish culture? Join the Spanish Club! Tuesdays during Warrior Time and after school. Stop by C-209 to sign up.


    Girls Who Code Club Sponsor: Mrs. Shabram

    The Girls Who Code Club is for individuals interested in learning more about computer programming and robotics. The Girls Who Code Club will meet twice a month during Warrior Time and/or after school.


    Rubik’s Cube Club Sponsor:  Ms. Huben

    We are a group of people who enjoy solving Rubik's cubes. Whether you've never solved a cube before or you've been solving for years, we are open to everybody. Come join us!


    Candy Club Sponsor:  Mrs. Shabram

    The Candy Club is for WMS students that love to eat candy and play candy themed games! The Candy Club also makes candy themed crafts and candy-grams to share with other WMS students.


    Quiz Bowl Sponsor:  Dr. Spady

    Quiz Bowl is a competitive, academic, interscholastic activity where players attend weekly practices and then represent Westside Middle School at tournaments.  Quiz bowl questions range over the entire spectrum of middle school curriculum, and also include a certain amount of current events, sports, and popular culture. The matches feature a blend of individual competition and team collaboration, since no individual player is likely to be an expert in all subject areas. There is a test that students take to make the team.