• 2023-2024 Clubs/Activities


    Book Club Sponsor: Mrs. Saetveit

    Do you love to read and discuss books? If so, the WMS Book Club is the right club for you! Book Club meets on Tuesdays during Warrior Time. Please see Ms. Saetveit if you have questions.

    Future Educator Club Sponsor: Ms. Rohwer

    Westside Middle School's Future Educator Club is for aspiring educators to connect and learn about careers in education. Students will meet monthly during Warrior Time, where they will learn about developing a lesson plan, work on various projects, and learn about course offerings and extra-curricular opportunities within the education pathway that are offered at WHS. 

    Bee Club Sponsor: Mark Durante

    In the WMS Bee Club we are learning what it takes to start managing a small hive of bees. Our first hive of bees will be arriving in the spring of 2024.  Some students are excited to assist in managing the bees directly by monitoring them through the observation hive, accessing the hive location to provide clean water on a regular basis, and, once the hive is well established, doing tasks like harvesting honey and wax. Other students are interested in other tasks like providing food for the bees. We currently have an active gardening branch that is planting seeds on campus to both beautify the grounds but also provide flowers for the bees throughout their active seasons. There will also be occasional lessons on entomology and the workings of bees.

    Sewing Club Sponsor: Jackie Ryan

    For eighth grade students interested in learning how to sew.

    Podcast Club Sponsor:  Mr. Horton

    Interview students of the week. Make news bulletins for your team. Create and record your own podcasts about whatever interests you.\

    GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) Sponsors: Mr. Hauserman and Mrs. Neuzil

    GSA provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and their ALLIES to come together for the common purpose of creating a safe school environment for ALL students. The club is student driven and activates vary from year to year but definitely includes planning and implementing an Ally Week.

    Pokemon GO Club:  Mr. Meseure

    We will meet once a month during Warrior Time to share our love of the mobile game Pokemon GO! Trainers will battle each other, make trades, and show off their favorite Pokemon they have caught!

    Anime Club Sponsor: Mr. Zyla 

    Do you watch anime? Do you read manga? Do you enjoy drawing anime-style art? Maybe you don't watch anime, but you are interested in learning more about anime as a form of art and storytelling? Do you have friends? Would you like some more friends? JOIN ANIME CLUB!

    WMS Drip Club Sponsor: Mr. Kammandel

    Teach students how to run a business by running a school apparel store.

    German Film Club Sponsor:  Mrs. Limbach

    We will watch German movies, discuss the history and culture behind the films, and give our opinions on them.

    Cycling Club Sponsor:  Mr. Durante

    Does the open road call for you? Do you seek freedom from an overbearing authority? Do you seek adventure where others only see peril? Do you think you look awesome in hi-vis spandex and a giant foam helmet? Then the cycling club is for you. We will teach you the skills and build your confidence to gain your independence. No longer will you depend on your parent to take you to a friend's house. You can go anywhere in the city on your trusty two-wheeled steed. Join the cycling club if you're ready to step toward the freedom of getting from point A to point B without depending on others.

    Jr. International Thespian Society Sponsor: Mrs. Sherrill

    The Jr. International Thespian Society is a student honor society that focuses on theatre arts. Each meeting, students will participate in drama workshops & activities that focus on different aspects of theatre (acting, tech, makeup, directing, etc). Jr. ITS is a stepping stone to high school ITS troupe and participation in theatre outside of WMS.

    Walk to Unlock Central Nebraska Sponsor: Mrs. Jackson

    Walk to Unlock Nebraska invites students to combine exercise and learning through a fun, competitive virtual platform that rewards physical activity with fascinating historical, geographical, and agricultural information about Nebraska. There will be checkpoints along routes across the state for the club to virtually visit while tracking physical activity time, steps and/or miles. Walk to Unlock Nebraska was created with idea of combining academic enrichment and physical activity.

    Dungeons and Dragons Club Sponsor: Ms. Lieske

    Dungeons, dragons, and tabletop role-players can all be found in the DND club! Spells and potions, dice and mana, everything you can think of! Meetings will be held every Tuesday from 3:15 to 4:00 in the Counselor's office beginning September 19th. We hope to see you...A Life Changing Journey Awaits!

    Seal Club Sponsor: Ms. Lieske

    Do you like seals and other aquatic animals as well as playing games? Well, you’re in luck! We do animal-related activities and quizzes like Kahoots, Gimkits, and Blookets!

    Spanish Club Sponsor: Mrs. Schulz

    Do you love film, arts and crafts, and want to learn more about Spanish culture? Join the Spanish Club! Fridays during Warrior Time and after school. Stop by C-209 to sign up.

    French Club Sponsor: Mrs. Roark

    Want to learn more about French culture? Play games? Make new friends? Join the French Club. 

    Student Council Sponsors: Ms. Allen and Mrs. Butler

    WMS Student Council plans and organizes events for middle school students.  It helps to build character, leadership, decision making, organization skills and responsibility. Student council members will help raise student and staff spirit! They will have the opportunity to help create and execute homeroom challenges, school-wide spirit days, design t-shirts, etc. They are also a part of homecoming spirit week, fundraisers for causes of their choice, and other school-wide activities. 

    Chess Club Sponsors: Dr. Spady and Mr. Condon

    Do you like to play chess? Do you want to improve your skills by playing with other people who like to play? Players of all skill level are welcome to join the WMS Chess Club.  Meetings are after school on Tuesdays with Mr. Condon's room (A112) until 4:00 pm.  Additional meeting times may be scheduled during 8th grade lunch.

    Unified Club Sponsors: Mrs. Shabram & Mrs.Schriner

    Click here for more information about Unified Club.



    Quiz Bowl Sponsor:  Dr. Spady

    Quiz Bowl is a competitive, academic, interscholastic activity where players attend weekly practices and then represent Westside Middle School at tournaments.  Quiz bowl questions range over the entire spectrum of middle school curriculum, and also include a certain amount of current events, sports, and popular culture. The matches feature a blend of individual competition and team collaboration, since no individual player is likely to be an expert in all subject areas. There is a test that students take to make the team. You can add that the Quiz Bowl Club meets during Warrior Time on Tuesdays.  Email Dr. Spady if you are interested in joining Quiz Bowl. 

    Spelling Bee Sponsor:  Dr. Spady 

    All students enrolled at Westside Middle School will take the qualifying Spelling Bee test during their ELA block in October. The top 50 spellers in the school will be invited to participate in the WMS Spelling Bee in November.  The top 4 spellers will then advance to the WCS District Spelling Bee in December.

    Geography Bee Sponsor: Dr. Spady

    All students enrolled at Westside Middle School will take the qualifying Geography Bee test during their Social Studies or History class in January. The top scorers will be invited to compete in the Westside Middle School Geography Bee in February.

    History Bee Sponor: Dr. Spady

    All students enrolled at Westside Middle School will take the qualifying History Bee test during their Social Studies or History class in January. The top scorers will be invited to compete in the Westside Middle School History Bee in February.