• If you think you may qualify or are interested in applying for Free or Reduced Price meal benefits, you can fill out an Application for Free/Reduced Meal Benefits. 

    Students approved for reduced meal benefits can receive one breakfast meal for $0.30 and one lunch meal for $0.40. Students approved for free meal benefits receive one free breakfast and lunch daily. Extra items, such as ala carte items, extra milk, or milk with lunch from home are not free and the student must have money in their account or cash to purchase these items.

    Students who qualify for free or reduced meals may also qualify to receive discounted fees for other district expenses such as bussing, band instruments, internet, activity fees, ACT/SAT testing fees, athletics/sports, class supplies, clubs, field trips, graduation fees, laptop maintenance, prom/social events, scholarships, uniforms, summer camps, and summer school. All children in the district benefit in areas beyond the lunch program when qualified applications exceed a certain percentage of the district’s enrollment.

    Families must reapply for meal benefits at the beginning of each school year.  If you do not reapply, your benefits will end on September 24th, 2023.

    Families who receive SNAP benefits may be directly certified to receive free benefits by the state. If you have been directly certified, we will send you a letter notifying you that we have received certification from the state for your benefits.  If you do not receive this letter each year, you must reapply.

    Online Applications at https://www.myschoolapps.com/

    Student Meal Prices

     Student Meal Prices