• Prairie Lane, September 2020

    The new Prairie Lane Elementary is scheduled to open to students on April 6, 2021.

    The Prairie Lane Design Advisory Committee met August 13, 2019 with project and district leaders to learn more details about recent developments and possible options regarding facilities improvements at Prairie Lane Elementary School. Based on economic projections and construction bids, Westside Community Schools will replace a substantial part of Prairie Lane Elementary rather than the initial plan to renovate a majority of the existing building. 

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    When our Facilities Task Force initially met, the decision to renovate rather than replace Prairie Lane was based on cost savings. Factoring in market conditions, and current bids for renovation, a new option to replace a majority of Prairie Lane will extend the useful life of the school, with the specifications set out by the Design Advisory Committee, for nearly the same amount. Current proposals include many of the guidelines set by the Prairie Lane Design Advisory Committee, but could extend the construction timeline to January or June of 2021.

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