What is public comment time?

    Public comment is a time for the community to express opinions and share ideas about matters pertaining to Westside Community Schools. Up to thirty minutes is allocated for public comment per board meeting.   

    How do I make a request to speak?

    Fill out a request for public comment card, available at the entrance to the board meeting. Keep the card with you until the Board gets to “Public Comment” on the agenda. When the Board asks if anyone wishes to make a public comment, hand in your request card at that time to the recording secretary.

    Where do I go to address the Board?

    When your name is called, go to the speaker’s table. Before starting your comments, state your name and address. 

    How much time will I have to speak?

    Speakers are typically allotted up to 2.5 minutes (amount of time may be less to accommodate multiple speakers). The timekeeper will alert you when the time is up.

    Am I allowed to comment about topics that are not on the Agenda?

    Yes, commenters may speak about Westside topics even if not on the agenda. However, please be aware that certain topics/conduct, per Board policy, are not permitted:

    • Comments about specific district staff members or students by name or other identifiable information are not permitted.
    • Use of obscenities, threats, violence or other disruptive behavior, or derogatory comments based on race, sex, gender, religion, ethnicity, disability or any other protected class are not permitted.

    Will the Board ask me questions or discuss my topic with me during the meeting? 

    No, to comply with the Nebraska Open Meetings Act, the Board does not answer questions or engage in discussion during public comment time.

    Can I hand out materials to the Board as part of my public comment?

    Public comment is a time to address the Board. Written materials or audio/visual presentations are not allowed.

    Anyone who wishes to submit written information to the Board can submit the materials to the Superintendent’s Office at the ABC Bldg.  If you have materials with you, you may give them to the recording secretary, but they will not be reviewed or discussed by the Board at the meeting.