WHS Clubs and Activities

  • Westside High School offers nearly 80 clubs and activities intended to appeal to and serve the interests of a wide variety of students. 

    List last updated 7.25.2022. Questions? Please contact Associate Principal Andy Wane at wane.andrew@westside66.net.



    • The purpose of the African American History Club is to help students of all races celebrate, embrace, and expand their knowledge of African American history and culture. Our goal is to provide social support while fostering student development and success through cultural awareness. Each meeting provides students with a safe place to talk about and share personal experiences and questions they may have about African American history as well as address and discuss cultural and social issues surrounding African Americans in our country. The club is open to all WHS students who are interested in learning more about the history, traditions and customs of African Americans.


    ANIME CLUB Sponsor: Ms. Michaela Tigani

    • Anime Club allows students to meet and watch Anime. Activities include watching Anime, drawing Anime, reading Manga (Anime books) and cosply contents.


    BAND Sponsor: Mr. Tommy Krueger

    • This activity is included in our regular curriculum. Extensions of this activity include Marching Band, Ensembles, Pep Band and Concert Jazz Band. Performances, presentations, and programs are presented throughout the school year.
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    B.I.O.N.I.C. Club Sponsor: Ms. Lauri Cunningham 

    • B.I.O.N.I.C stands for Believe It Or Not, I Care! The B.I.O.N.I.C Team will help fellow students, families and staff through challenging times. Our goals are to help new students feel welcome. To reach out to hospitalized students. To reach out to students with extended illness/health conditions. To reach out to students and their families, and staff that experience the death of a family member. To prevent bullying. Come and join this National Organization!


    BOOK Club Sponsor: Ms. Theresa Gosnell

    • The Book Club meets once per month to discuss a mutually chosen book from a wide variety of genres.


    CHEERLEADING Sponsors: Ms. Peyton Sickler (Head Coach), Ms. Alyssa Mize (Assistant Coach), Ms. Jessica Howes (Assistant Coach), Ms. Lisa Butler (Cheer Coordinator)


    CLASS OFFICERS Sponsors: Ms. Erika Codina (Jr. Class), Mr. Ben Baber (Sr. Class)

    • Voting and selection of junior and senior class officers for the following year are held each Spring. Students interested in being a class officer will need to secure support, be willing to make a presentation to their class, and serve their class in an office capacity for the following year.


    COLOR GUARD Sponsor: Mr. Keith Schoening

    • Competitive marching flag corps that performs with the band.


    COMPETITIVE ATHLETICS Sponsor: Mr. Tom Kerkman


    CREATIVE WRITING CLUB Sponsor: Ms. Laurie Welch

    • Creative Writing Club provides an outlet for students who are passionate about writing. The primary focus is creating individual and group poems for performance. Creative Writing Club is for students that 'live on the page', who seek to develop through meaningful advice for their writing. The club discusses and practices writing as a craft and seeks opportunities to workshop and publish writing. Everyone wanting to put a story on a page is welcome.


    CYCLING CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Jeremy Stoll

    • For those interested in maintaining physical fitness while becoming a faster cyclist in road or mountain biking. There will be regular rides.


    DANCE Sponsor: Ms. Katy Bezy Moore (Head Coach), Ms. Courtney Tompkins (Co-Sponsor), Ms. Emme English (Co-Sponsor)

    • This spirit group works with other spirit squads to promote student activities for each sports season. Selection for the squad is made in the Spring of each school year and open to grades 9-12.
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    DANCE MARATHON Sponsors: Ms. Kate Groth and Ms. Sara Kleinsasser

    • Westside will again join 300+ schools in the United States to sponsor a Dance Marathon to support the mission of Children's Miracle Network. Dance Marathon members will work closely with club sponsors to promote the Dance Marathon fundraiser and donate proceeds after the completion of the Dance Marathon event.
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    DEBATE Sponsors: Mr. Brad Meurrens (Lead Sponsor), Ms. Laurie Welch (Assistant Sponsor)

    • A communications activity that exposes students to a variety of ideas and asks them to take sides for a competitive argument. Three kinds of debate are offered for all different types of thinkers and schedules. The season begins in September and lasts for most of the school year. Tournaments are local as well as around the country, involving student travel. If you have something to say and need a place to say it, find debate and your voice.


    DECA, An Association of Marketing Students Sponsor: Ms. Kalen Carlson


    E-SPORTS Sponsor: Mr. Chase Tonkinson (Lead Sponsor), Mr. Brandon Meseure (Assistant Sponsor)


    ED RISING Sponsors: Ms. Beth Cosentino

    • Ed Rising is for students that are interested in exploring teaching as a career. We will focus on community service projects related to children and families.


    FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America Sponsor: Ms. Lynette Finley

    • An association of students who are interested in careers in business-related fields.


    FISHING CLUB Sponsor: Mr. John Bombac

    • This club will give students an opportunity to learn more about fishing techniques, strategies and environmental concepts.


    FRENCH CLUB Sponsor: Ms. Anne Johnson 

    • Designed to foster social and cultural activities related to the French-speaking world.



    • Provides a safe environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, straight, and questioning youth to meet, socialize, and support one another. The club encourages a friendly, tolerant atmosphere for students of all sexual orientations.


    GERMAN CLUB Sponsors: Ms. Melissa Roth

    • Designed to foster social and cultural activities related to the German-speaking world.


    HATCH Sponsor: Michelle Jochim

    • HATCH is an entrepreneurial ecosystem for high school students, empowered to dive deeper into understanding problems by creating businesses that directly solve the problem. As a result developing solutions benefiting the community through a new start-up or for an existing non or for profit organization in the local community. Students will work in teams or individually to identify the problem, develop a solution, test the solution in the market, modify and implement the solution.

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    HISTORY CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Kent Putnam

    • The History Club hears the call of ages past and listens to their message. This group comes together to explore where we come from, where we are going, how we are doing along the way and why. Club members will work together to select topics of discussion and meet the established expectations of: 1) respect, 2) tolerance, 3) inclusivity, 4) understanding, 5) truth, 6) new paths forward. Group meetings are typically after school multiple times per month.


    HOPE SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Rick Painter

    • A peer-to-peer suicide prevention program. Hope Squad members are nominated by their classmates as trustworthy peers and trained by advisors. The program reduces youth suicide through education, training and peer intervention.


    INTERACTIVE GAMES Sponsors: Ms. Karen Anderson and Mr. Paul Sanders

    • The purpose of the Interactive Games club is to provide students with a forum to improve their critical thinking, problemsolving and social skills by playing games. The club focuses on board games that involve strategy, collectible and other card games, video games and role-playing games. Club meetings will focus on trying out games that students may not have experience with, playing favorite games, and possibly developing games of their own. Interactive Games is designed to offer students a safe environment to try and enjoy games.



    • This nationally-known honor society recognizes student achievement and participation in theater. Students must meet induction requirements by performing quality work in theater and relating disciplines. Open to students in grades 9-12. This organization promotes theater participation and strengthens the school plays by providing support.


    INTRAMURALS Sponsor: Mr. Brian Nemecek


    JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Sponsor: Ms. Carolyn Harvey

    • This is a club designed for those students who are taking Latin as a foreign language. This club participates in competitive situations between schools and is involved with state competition as well. Membership begins in the fall of each school year.


    LACROSSE Sponsor: Ms. Lenice Hogan

    • Westside Lacrosse teaches students the fundamentals as well as strategies of quality collegiate lacrosse programs. Coached by former collegiate lacrosse players, the Westside Lacrosse program is a strong contender in the Nebraska High School Lacrosse Association. Join us in the fastest growing sport in the United States. Lacrosse season coincides with the Spring sports season.


    LOUDER THAN A BOMB CLUB Sponsor: Ms. Carolyn Harvey

    • This club offers students a chance to write and share their own original poetry while preparing to compete in city-wide competitions. The club meets once a week year round. Anyone interested in writing poetry or learning more about poetry slams should join the club!


    MEDICAL CLUB Sponsor: Ms. Melanie Essink 

    • Medical Club is designed to give students who would like to learn more about healthcare related fields an opportunity to explore their interests. Students who participate in this club have the opportunity to learn from guest speakers, student-led activities, and field trip experiences. Medical Club sponsors a Red Cross Blood Drive for eligible Westside students and staff each semester.


    MU ALPHA THETA Sponsor: Dr. Angela Mosier

    • Mu Alpha Theta is a National High School Mathematics Honor Society.  As a national organization, we are dedicated to inspiring a keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school. To be considered for membership, students must have  successfully completed Algebra 1 and Geometry by earning "B"s in both courses. Active members must maintain a minimum of a “B” average in all mathematics coursework. Yearly activities include, but are not limited to: Pi Day celebrations, various STEM activities, and participation in national competitions.


    NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY Sponsor: Ms. Liz Hough 

    • NAHS recognizes and inspires students to attain high standards in the area of art. Students will be involved in community and charity art projects, visiting artist and art studios, connecting art to other subject areas at WHS, helping put on an art show, and increasing their own artistic skills. NAHS members will be eligible for scholarship opportunities. See your art teacher for a recommendation.


    NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sponsor: Ms. Char Weyler 

    • Westside’s National Honor Society is a chapter of the national organization and is bound by its rules and regulations. Juniors and seniors who have a mark point average of 6.40, have passed all minimum competencies and have no “Incompletes” on their records are eligible for induction into the Society. Selection further depends on consideration of character, leadership, and service. Staff members are given National Honor Society definitions of “character” and “leadership” and are asked to give specific evidence of how any eligible student has not demonstrated these qualities. In addition, students are asked to complete a Student Activity/Service Information Form. School activities/service and community service are recorded by the student and rated by the appropriate sponsor. A total of 15 points on this form is required for induction. A faculty committee will review each student’s qualifications and recommend accordingly.


    ORCHESTRA Sponsor: Mr. Keith Meints

    • This activity is an extension of our regular curriculum. Performances are given periodically throughout the year. Tryouts are held for some special groups within the orchestra. All students signed up for that class have the opportunity to try out.


    OUTDOOR EDUCATION Sponsor: Mr. Rondel Korbelik

    • High school students serve as camp counselors and leaders for the elementary school Outdoor Education Program. Students may apply to be counselors prior to the Fall Outdoor Ed Program. Counselors are chosen on the basis of character, responsibility, and academic standing.


    QUIZ BOWL Sponsor: Mr. Jon Allemang 

    • Students will participate in academic competitions open to all students. Competitors will be determined through performances during practices.


    RED SHIELD Sponsor: Mr. Tom Kerkman, Athletic Director 


    REPUBLICAN CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Brian Nemecek

    • The Westside Republican Club is a club for students interested in learning about the Republican Party as well as the political process. Club activities include listening to guest speakers, discussion of current events, as well as meeting elected officials. The Westside Republican Club gives Westside students the opportunity to become politically engaged in their community.


    RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Matt Bova

    • Westside RFC teaches, plays and appreciates the sport of rugby with an emphasis on sportsmanship. WHS RFC plays under the Great Plains Rugby Union.


    SCIENCE, ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY Sponsors: Ms. Judy Stucky and Mr. Ben Powers 

    • STEM provides students an understanding of science, engineering & technology careers. Students participate in Space Day in cooperation with Lockheed Martin and project-based science and engineering activities.


    SERVICE LEARNING COUNCIL Sponsor: Ms. Ashley Sams 

    • This club provides opportunities to serve the local and national community through service and awareness opportunities within the school, gratifying community outreach events, and an annual Spring Break service trip. Open to all students who want a fun and interesting way to help their community and earn service learning hours.


    SKILLSUSA Sponsor: Mr. Paul Cross 

    • Students will form small groups to participate in career related demonstrations, presentations, tours and hands-on activities to develop skills in computers, technology, welding, networking, construction, automotive, robotics, CNC, architecture, CAD and drafting. Students will prepare for skill and leadership competitions. 


    SPANISH CLUB Sponsors: Ms. Amanda Freitag 

    • Introduces social and cultural activities related to the Spanish-speaking world.


    SPEECH Sponsors: Ms. Jennifer Paskach and Mr. Chase Martin

    • A competitive activity where students prepare and present poetry, humorous or dramatic cuttings from plays or books, or speeches they have prepared at weekly tournaments. Interpretation (acting) events are Poetry, Dramatic and Humorous interpretation and Duo.  Public Address events are Persuasive, Informative, Extemporaneous and Entertainment Speaking. Students can compete at tournaments from November-February/March.


    STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsors: Ms. Kate Groth and Ms. Sara Kleinsasser 

    • Student government which deals with social activities for the student body as well as bringing student concerns to administrators. Members are elected from each class to represent the student body. These elections are held at the same time class officers are elected. Students have an opportunity to submit their names for consideration as an honorary member of the SAB.


    STUDENT MENTORING PROGRAM (SMP) Sponsor: Mr. Tyler Foster 

    • Designed to stimulate high school students’ interest and excitement in engineering, architecture, and related sciences. This is a critical thinking, problem-solving program that engages students to solve real world problems in the community.


    ULTIMATE FRISBEE CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Tommy Krueger 

    • The Ultimate Frisbee Club is a supportive environment for both new and seasoned Ultimate Frisbee players to scrimmage and develop their Frisbee skills. Members learn various styles of Frisbee throwing and catching, as well as Ultimate Frisbee rules and strategies. They have the opportunity to put these skills to use in games against one another as well as students from other schools.


    UNIFIED SPORTS Sponsor: Ms. Jenny Brockman

    • Special Olympics UNIFY is an education and sports-based strategy powered by an engaged youth community that increases athletic and leadership opportunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities while creating communities of acceptance for all. Inclusive sports provide youth with and without intellectual disabilities the opportunity to train and play together as teammates. Students develop exceptional athletic skills while forming friendships, fostering respect for each other and becoming leaders on and off the court. Unified bowling is an NSAA sponsored sport in which WHS will compete against other metro high schools. Students will need to complete the physical and code of conduct process like any other NSAA sanctioned sport.


    VOCAL MUSIC Sponsor: Mr. Doran Johnson


    WARRIOR THEATRE Sponsor: Mr. Jeremy Stoll


    WE-SIDE UNIFIED Sponsors: Mr. Zane Cozad and Ms. Jena Coil (Co-Sponsor)

    • WE-SIDE Unified is a student-led club that provides positive opportunities for social interactions among ALL students. Club meetings are at WHS. Club events are at WHS and off campus. This club is an extension of Special Olympics Nebraska, however, it is not focused on athletics.


    WTV LIVE Sponsor: Mr. Aaron Stepp

    • WTV Live is an extension of the WTV portion of Westside Student Journalism. Participants in WTV Live will be part of livestream productions of Westside athletics and activities. WTV members will use meeting time to plan, research and produce livestream events. The club's purpose is to grow leadership and sustain WHS livestream productions into the future.