• Q: Who can I ask if I have questions?

      A:  The best person to ask questions of, at any time, is your child’s IEP Manager.  If they are unable to answer your question, they will connect you with the appropriate person or resources.  Even if your questions are very specific (e.g., health office visits, changing clothes for PE class, accommodations in art class, participation in clubs or extracurricular activities, support in pre-vocational courses, transportation, school start time, student schedules, summer transition opportunities, etc.) start with your IEP Manager. They will be happy to either field questions as they arise, schedule a time to meet, or coordinate an IEP meeting for any items requiring team consideration.

    • Q: When is it okay to start asking questions about next year?

    • Q: I want my child to have a familiar peer in his/her classroom/homeroom next year. Is that possible?

    • Q: What kind of communication can I expect?

    • Q: My child’s annual IEP isn’t due until later in the year, but I have questions about how his new case manager will be implementing the existing IEP? What should I do?

    • Q: Each year at my child’s IEP, the case manager talks about “ESY.” I know her teachers show me data, talk about progress reports and check a box on the IEP, but I’m confused about what it all means? Is ESY the same as summer school? How come she received ESY one summer but not the next? Can you please explain!

    • Q: The words, terms, and acronyms that special educators use can be confusing. My son’s teachers assume I understand what all of these things mean, but I don’t. How can I make sense of it all?